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Tips for Civilians
Finding People & Data About Them

About the Author: Mary Ann Boyle, PhD is a licensed private detective and forensic genealogist who finds missing persons and conducts genealogical investigations for court cases. She shares her secrets for investigating missing persons and identifying kindred.

What is American Genealogical Research

We get asked all the time, "So what is it that you do exactly?" We thought it would be appropriate for our first blog to fill in our readers on the ins and outs of what AGR is all about.

What We Do

We specialize in forensic genealogy and probate research. We locate missing heirs, beneficiaries, property owners, and stockholders exclusively for attorneys and bank trust officers. We will locate beneficiaries, trace real property ownership, and identify heirs-at-law.

Whether the person of interest disappeared last year or in 1840, we have the resources to provide an effective and efficient search. We also furnish all of our findings with court-ready documentation to save our clients time.

Who We Work For:

We work for attorneys and bank trust officers exclusively. We do not accept assignments for family genealogies or search requests from individuals.

Our Resources:

We have access to a full range of genealogical subscription services. Additionally, we maintain subscriptions to most private investigator's proprietary databases.

If you are trying to locate a lost heir, complete a missing person search, or locate owners of a specific property (otherwise known as quiet title issues), AGR is here to help!

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