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Sample Cases

The Prohibition Murder


Freelance Heir-Finding Case


Reason for Investigation:

Florence Williamson who had not been located by the court had monies due to her from her sister's estate.


Data Available from Court:

Death certificate of Florence Williamson's sister and an old address for Florence in Northampton, MA.



Massachusetts birth indexes provided Florence's date of birth. National databases did not include Florence as a living person or dead person. Newspaper articles about Florence's husband, William Williamson, indicated that Florence had stabbed him to death at their drunken Prohibition wedding anniversary party. Florence's son was located who knew nothing of the murder nor his mother. An article was printed by the investigator in the Northampton Gazette appealing to the public for assistance. A community member said that Florence had left town with one of the party participants, married him, and died in Denver, never reunited with her family or her son.

Transgender with New Identity


California Probate Attorney


Reason for Investigation:

Richard H. McNamara (To protect the privacy of the members of this family, the names have been changed.) died without a spouse, children, nor parent. His only kin was thought to be his brother Justin M. McNamara. Justin M. McNamara stood to inherit the entire estate of Richard H. McNamara. Justin M. McNamara need to be located.


Data Available from Attorney:

Justin M. Mc Namara was last known to be living in Birmingham England 20 years ago. No identifiers were available for Justin M. McNamara.



A British investigator was hired to review available public information in the Birmingham England area. Real property, vitals, telephone directories were reviewed. The only reference to the subject was a marriage record to Margaret Monson. Rita Jenson, sister of Margaret Monson, was located and interviewed. Eventually, Rita Jenson stated that Justin M. McNamara had changed his gender identity and had taken on a new name of Lynn Silburn. Working through a representative of Lynn Silburn, the attorney was able to provide the monies Justin M. McNamara aka Lynn Silburn.

The Eleanor Simmons Story

The Eleanor Simmons case can be obtained from Amazon.

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