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Genealogy Services

For Attorneys &

Bank Trust Officers

Genealogy, Probate, Trust, Estate, Missing Heir, Quiet Title, Inherit, Bank Trust Officer
Estate Trust Genealogy Quiet Title Missing Heir

What We Do

We specialize in forensic genealogy and probate research. We locate missing heirs, beneficiaries, property owners, and stockholders exclusively for attorneys and bank trust officers. We will locate beneficiaries, trace real property ownership, and identify heirs-at-law.

Whether the person of interest disappeared last year or in 1840, we have the resources to provide an effective and efficient search. We also furnish all of our findings with court-ready documentation to save our clients time.

What We Do

Our Services

  • Locate beneficiaries 
  • Clearing titles for land
  • Find missing persons worldwide
  • Construct family trees and kinship charts 
  • Collect genealogical documentation
  • Identify heirs-at-law
  • Trace real property ownership
  • Court quality expert testimony & exhibits
  • Produce court-quality forensic genealogical investigation reports
  • Quiet title work
  • National speaking

What Customers Are Saying About Us

We could not recommend Mary Ann enough. Our first case with Mary Ann was to track down multiple beneficiaries in three states. After this case ever since, we have reached out to her to assist us with our Trust and Estate practice. She is knowledgeable, practical, and just a pleasure to work with.

- Shawn Hartman

Director of Finance and Administration/Senior Paralegal

Squillace & Associates, P.C

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